I am Reverent of The Divine

I am reverent of The Divine. I am honoring of The Divine, Source, and Ultimate Creator.

That’s not the same thing as being humbled by or having humility towards The Divine.

I AM source. I am divine. I am the creator. It’s both a part of me and something separate. But I don’t need to be humbled by it because I AM IT.

In no way, shape or form does having a modest or low opinion of my importance serve me at all. In no way does The Divine, Source, or Ultimate Creator want me to have a low or modest opinion of myself.

That’s never been a thing. The reason we are here on this planet is to achieve our infinite potential. That’s all that the Creator has ever wanted for us. So to say that the Creator wants us to be humbled by it or to have humility is just not true.

Humility doesn’t serve us. It’s a program that was created first by Christianity and now is continued by the people in control of money and currency on this planet.

*waits to see friend list drop*

Not sorry. Won’t stop deconstructing the conditioning or shining the light on the programming.