I Used to Hate the Word Abundance

I used to hate the word ABUNDANCE because I thought it was one of those buzzwords in personal development that was soooooooo overused.

Abundance is about OVERFLOW. A friend of mine at one time said to me: Why do we need to have more than enough? Why can’t we have just what we need?

For awhile, I bought into that. Why DO we need to have more than enough of anything? Even money? Why do we need more than enough money? Why do we need more than enough support, love, miracles?

I was at a point in my spiritual journey where I was embracing the being humble, having humility, and not being greedy. I was buying into the programming 1000%.

I had a lot of worthiness and deserving issues. I had a lot of emotional conditioning that was leading me to believe it was wrong to desire things and that it was greedy to want to be financially abundant; that it was greedy to want more than what I needed to survive.

Enter The Spiral and emotional clearing work. Thank GOD.

When I really dove into emotional clearing work, and cleared up my conditioning around all of that, and began to deconstruct the programming, I realized that I deserve to have abundance. IN ALL THINGS.

I deserve to have more than enough. I deserve to have copious amounts of what I desire.

Here is what I know.

When I have an abundance of financial resources, I do good in the world. I share those resources. I donate money to causes that are important to me. I now feel 1000% okay with having the things I desire in copious amounts. I embrace overflow.

I know that greed is a program that’s installed in us from the time that we’re little to keep us under control of the financial institutions and the families that are in financial power. Because when we continue to stay in our place, they are able to stay in their place. At the top and in control. They get to continue to control and orchestrate what happens with the financial resources of our planet.

Greed was a term coined to control us. It no longer has anything to do with my moral compass. It’s no longer a part of my consideration when it comes to morals, values, and my worldview.

It is my divine birthright to be ABUNDANT.

And it is yours as well.