If You Know Your Divine Mission Work…DO IT!

We are all constantly growing and evolving. But when you know what your divine mission work and purpose work is, that tunnel is fucking narrow and deep.

There is a lot of opportunity inside that tunnel. It may curve here and there. But what we do not want to do is fucking paint that red house.

If you do not know this analogy, my friend Jason Sisneros talks about our mission being narrow and deep and that every time you stray off your path, you are doing a disservice. If someone offers you $2 million to paint a house red and it is not your purpose work to be painting houses, you might miss an opportunity to ake $10 million doing your purpose work!

Do not paint the house red or throw spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks.

You wait until you have absolute clarity on the thing that you are offering if you want to make the biggest impact on the world. If you do not give a fuck about that, go throw all the spaghetti at a wall that you want.

But if you DO care, get inside that goddamn tunnel and do not get out.

Are you willing to stay the course on your divine mission work?