Invest in YOURSELF

I wish I could tell you that you could completely alter and change your wealth consciousness for free.

I have never found a way for that to be true.

Making money requires an investment of money. It really has to do with those universal laws. It is energy exchange, so if money is an energy, then like attracts like.

We have to invest in our growth and transformation when it comes to wealth consciousness work in order to shift our wealth consciousness and the wealth paradigm.

This does not mean you need to invest in a $3000 program, but you do need to stretch yourself. There was a time when buying a book was a stretch for me, and that might be the case for you right now.

There is the value exchange part, but then there is also the faith part. There is value exchange. There are faith, intention, and belief. It all kind of comes together in this perfect storm of creation. Stretching yourself and investing of your other two most precious resources- time and energy-, having faith, and then belief and intention that you are going to shift things. That is the perfect storm of creation. It requires a combination of all of those things. You cannot just invest in a program and then not invest your time and energy into it and expect to have radical transformation.

Likewise, you cannot expect to invest nothing financially and have radical financial transformation, especially when it comes to long term success or long term change and growth.

Where can you invest your most precious resources into creating the life you deeply desire?