It is Time to Clean Your Financial House

We are being called in the first part of this year to clean up our finances.

Those of you who are out there ignoring or not looking out of fear, not checking the bank account regularly, not opening the bills, you are being called upon right now to get that part of your financial house in order.

Print out 90 days of bank statements and go through line by line and make sure you know what every single transaction is that has gone through your bank account. You are going to be blown away if you have never done this exercise before at the money leaks that are happening, such as things that you have auto drafts for you did not realize you have. Stuff that you have signed up for.

Take a look as you are going through this process and ask yourself: are all these things necessary? Look at where you could be saving money.

This is not about doing things from a place of scarcity or lack. This is not about money being tight and needing to go into savings mode.

It is about being a good custodian of money and not wasting money. It is about having mutual respect for this amazing resource that money can be for you. When you respect that energy, that energy will respect you.

When a client is feeling stuck, I will give them this assignment.

It is one of the quickest ways to infuse money into your life.
If you have done this exercise, were you surprised about where your money is going?