It is Your Divine Birthright to be Wealthy

The divine communicates with me all the time. So I know from that connection that it is our divine birthright as beings that are inhabitants of this planet to be wildly abundant in all areas of our lives.

It is our divine birthright to be wealthy.

When I talk about being wealthy, I do not just mean financially. The root of that word comes from two words- well-being and healthy. So being wealthy means being well and healthy in all areas of our lives.

That really is the experience we have come to this planet to have. We did not come here to struggle. The struggle is a man-created reality. It is our job to get back to who we are meant to be. That includes remembering that it is your divine birthright to be wealthy, especially those of us who are meant to be doing the work that’s helping reawaken the beings on this planet, such as energy workers and healers.

Energy workers and healers truly deserve to be wildly financially supported for doing their work because they do that work so much more completely when they are not worried about how they are going to pay their rent.

Do you believe it is your divine birthright to be wealthy?