It’s Time to get into Integrity with Ourselves

Why don’t we just say “fuck it” and wait for the financial institutions to crumble and wipe out all our debt?

Because we are being called upon to get into absolute integrity with ourselves.

It is not about if some person believes you owe them money, or how much the credit card companies are charging in interest and fees.

You actually get to decide what you are going to pay and what you are not as long as you are in full integrity with yourself. For some people, that might look like filing bankruptcy. For others, that is going to look like negotiating with their creditors for paying a lower amount monthly. It might be doing credit counseling. There are so many options out there for you.

Even if you are making a lot of money, have a fairly good idea of where your money is going, and have minimal debt- I call on each one of you to get even tighter with your custodianship of money.

This has been a difficult thing for me. Many of you know that I lost a business, lost $3 million, ended up a million dollars in debt, and we lost our house and we lost a car. It was a really traumatic thing.

I had to decide on whether I was going to tackle this business debt when I did not have any income to clean up the mess, let alone start paying off the debt. We had to make a real decision about what was going to be in integrity with us.

One of the things that happened with that business is that I put everything with that business before my family. That resulted in us almost becoming homeless. I was completely out of integrity personally when it came to how I was dealing with money. I made a commitment to myself that that would never happen again, that my immediate family- me, Sean, and my children- would be put first. I decided that no matter what, we would be safe, stable, and secure.

Then I began building this business. The cleanup and the paying off and figuring out what we owed got put on hold while I built this business.

That was what was in integrity for me. It does not matter if anyone agrees with Sean and me because it is our business, our debt, and our life. What was in integrity for me was that I get my family to a place where we are safe, stable, and secure and get my business to a place that is safe, stable, and secure.

Now I am to a point where I can begin to invest the amount of money I need to invest in cleaning this up without sacrificing my family.

2020 is the year for me that we are going to tackle this debt and get it paid off. My goal is to have it all paid off by the end of 2020. But it is going to take time. I can’t just wake up, pay it off, and be done with it.

It is a process for me to get into integrity with myself as a result of that. To get there, I need to know where every single dime is going.

What does being in financial integrity mean to you?