It’s Time to Harness Your Queen…AND Your King!

Settling for something- whether it’s something tiny or something big- is literally like stabbing your soul in the heart. With a spoon. With a DULL spoon.

When you settle, you’re reinforcing to your soul that you’re not worthy of your desires. You’re affirming that what you want and what’s aligned for you DOESN’T REALLY MATTER. And all the while, you are killing little pieces of your soul.

And then we are surprised when we can’t manifest the things we desire. Well, it’s because we have a list of 57 things that we’re settling on in our lives on a day to day basis.


The role of the King and the Queen is to hold the vision of the kingdom. To hold the vision of where the kingdom is going, and what’s in the highest and best interest of the kingdom. And then to bless the domain. That’s what a monarch DOES.

If we are not clear on our standards, or if we settle for less than what our standard is, we have no can’t hold that vision for the kingdom. If we settle, it means that we’re not only settling for ourselves, but we’re settling for a lesser vision for the kingdom.

We cannot bless the kingdom unless we’re holding firm in our standards and in what is soul-aligned for us.

The reason you can’t create and manifest the life you deeply desire is that you are settling in all kinds of ways across your life.

Over and over and over, you’re saying ‘No you don’t deserve, no I don’t care if you want that, no I don’t care if that’s aligned, nope, we’re not doing that.’ And you’re justifying, making rationalizations and making excuses as to why you don’t deserve, why you should continue to settle, why it’s not that big of a deal, why you shouldn’t ask for help in a particular area, why it’s not that important.

YOU ARE SETTLING. And you’re saying NO to your soul. Over and over and over again.

When you keep saying no to your soul, The Universe is not going to keep supporting you, and it won’t trust you to co-create the life you deeply desire.

Not until you begin to feel worthy, not until you start owning your King and your Queen. The Universe can’t trust you with all of the things you’re asking for when you’re not willing to hold your vision for yourself. You’ve GOT to be able to hold the vision.

So, are you ready?