It’s YOUR Business; Do What Feels Good!

If I could do anything differently at the beginning of my business, I would tell myself not to worry about the structure of the programs.

It does not really matter. Nobody really cares about the structure. They just care about the content.

I made myself follow so many rules for so long. I told myself I had to do it in this certain way because everyone else is doing it like that.

When I finally got to the point where I realized I did not have to do anything like anyone else, I realized I only had to do things my way and in the way that felt good for me. It was so freeing. But I did not get there until a couple of years into my business.

If I can save anyone that time, here is my advice: do not try to model your program after what I do or anyone else does.

Just do what feels good to you!

What would change for you if you just did what felt good in your business?