July Tarot Forecast

In December 2019, I did an overall wealth forecast for the year. Here is what we have coming up in July!

First, we have the Eight of Wands. Things are beginning to move quickly. But it is not necessarily going to be fun. We have the Three of Cups, reversed. This is where the hard work of the year comes in. This has not been a party and will continue not to be. It is not going to be all about partying and celebrating.

You may be feeling a little bit cheated about that because at the end of the month, we have the Seven of Wands. I do not think any of this is about anything bad that is happening. What I am getting is that you are not having as much fun as you would like to be having, and you are feeling a little bit sorry for yourself.

This is the fucking energy of this year. We came out of a party year in 2019, and this year is not a party year. This year, we are here to work. It does not mean that you cannot have fun, but if you are feeling sorry for yourself, my suggestion is to figure out how you can put yourself into an environment conducive to having fun and still being able to work and lay those firm foundations.

How can you create this type of environment for yourself?