Just Do What I Say

The blessed curse of being a 5/1 Projector in Human Design (me):⁣

A lifetime of lessons on how to not care what other people think of you because it actually has nothing to do with you…it’s about them. 5/1s are perfect mirrors. Of good AND bad. We spend our whole lives being projected all over. ⁣

Later in life we stop being hurt and realize the truth of who we are (where I am now mostly).⁣

The blessing is finally being free to do what the fuck we want and not care what others think for the most part. ⁣

The curse: it’s part of our work as Projectors to teach generators and man/gens how to stop caring what others think of them. Not all of them are 5/1 types so this shit is hard.⁣

While trying the teach them they are STILL projecting their shit all over you. Either pedestaling or vilifying you. ⁣

It’s human nature to want people to like you. It’s difficult to explain why it’s important that you stop caring.⁣

JUST DO WHAT I SAY PEOPLE!!! Ughhhhh! (Said every Projector…EVER)