I’ve been really pulled back from my usual presence in the online space.

I’ve been observing.

It’s what I do in times of unrest and upset.

Observe. And see how I can serve.

It wasn’t completely clear for awhile so I hung back. I’ve been watching two things.

The first is how the other people in the online space were presenting their offers. I have been largely disappointed. I’ve seen a lot of lack and scarcity mentality and fear based selling.

I have become increasingly frustrated (okay disgusted if I’m being honest) with how the conscious community is handling the state of the world.

We are powerful beings.

We have all been studying this shit for ages.

It’s mindset 101.

What we focus on grows.

And instead of shifting focus to positive creation and manifestation I just keep seeing all of these “conscious” people place all their focus on the virus.

Those of us in the online space with platforms and followings that claim to be leaders…especially conscious or spiritual leaders…we have a responsibility to show the fuck up and practice what we teach.

The second thing I have been observing is my community. To see how they need to be served.

What I’m aware of is a need for reassurance that everything is going to be okay.

And tools to create safety, stability and security.

And the big issue I’m seeing is that most of the up and coming leaders in the online space are just as scared as their communities.

They need reassurance.

They need tools to create safety, stability and security.

They need to shift out of lack and scarcity so that they can help their clients.


It might be what I was born for if I’m honest.

I just KNOW at every moment of every single day that I’m held. And that everything will be okay and that I will always be abundant. Even if it doesn’t appear that way to the physical eye.

And annihilating lack and scarcity is my purpose.

Let’s begin creating a pendulum swing.

I’m back!