Life is a Choice in Each Moment

Life is a choice in each moment.

I continually ask myself…

‘Do I want to be average and live a mediocre life or reach for achieving my infinite potential and becoming supernatural.

Will I wake up every day and give 100% of my presence and energy to every thing that I do and each person that I come into contact with or will I choose escapism, distraction and avoidance?’

Will you?

It’s ultimately about if you choose to answer the call of your divine mission.

It is not silent, that calling.

No matter how repressed it may be, it whispers to to you multiple times a day.

We have forgotten what it feels like to be truly alive because we avoid and medicate with every distraction available to us. THIS lifetime is short.

Is going through the motions enough for you? Going to work. Punching the clock. Getting the paycheck. Paying the mortgage. Making ends meet.

Even IF you are working for yourself. Don’t confuse purpose WORK with your divine mission.


Or are you ignoring the voice that is telling you there is so, so much more to this life. The whisper that is nudging you towards remembrance of why you are really here.

Are you denying your divinity? Are you denying your humanity?

Are you here to WAKE UP the sheeple to the programming and conditioning that is keeping the beings of this planet in a global coma?

Are you here to effect change?

I am an activator. It is my job to call you out. And to call MYSELF OUT.

The time of half-measures is over.
The time of excuses and justifications is over.

We have reached critical mass.

Who will you BE in 2020?

Will you keep hiding bending your fears, doubts and imposter syndrome? Will you keep using your spiritual growth expansion processes as your excuse for not doing the work in the world you are here to do?

I call you OUT.
I call you on your BULLSHIT.
And I call myself on MINE.

To fully embody your humanity you must treat your body like a temple. To full embody your divinity you must treat your soul like a shrine.


All of it.

You must answer the call of your soul.

It has a purpose. You have a message. You have a mission.

The Reascension Retreat is happening in Bali in 2 weeks.

This retreat is for the new apostles. The women here to usher in the next era of humanity. The events of this next decade will shape the face of how we do life on this planet for centuries to come.

We are being called upon to live lives of BIBLICAL proportions. We are about to write the stories that make up the new Bible.

And this time it won’t be about control of the masses or installment of the patriarchy.

This time it will be about coming HOME to the sacred union that exists in each one of us. The complete Union of humanity and divinity.

I know how overwhelming this feels. And I also know that if are meant for this work that reading these words is both terrifying and reassuring AT THE SAME TIME.