Make the Most of this Period of Constriction!

The first quarter of 2020 is a period of constriction.

The good news is that everything is going to be lighter in the second quarter of the year. There is a tremendous opportunity for wealth creation in 2020.

The year is prime for making money. The energy of the year is supporting you being financially independent, and you are going to be seeing many people leaving 9-5 jobs this year because everyone is going to feel a call to be free, to be financially free. People are going to begin waking up en masse to how the corporate structure and societal expectations of working a 9-5 are not serving. So entrepreneurship is going to be at an all-time high in 2020.

But it is not going to be a walk in the park this year. Things are not going to manifest as if by magic.

This is a four universal year, and that is about hard work, showing up, laying solid foundations for growth. The energy of the year is a four, but we have other numerological things to consider when we are thinking about the actual energy of the year.

The number two is about balance and harmony in our relationships. This is going to be a big thing for this year because you have a double two energy. This balance and peace and harmony is not just about our relationship with people, but also our relationship to money and wealth.

Then we have the zero. This is the God Force energy- the energy of infinity and eternity. It is such a powerful manifestation and creation energy. It calls you to remember that you are God force energy.

Then we have the 22- the year of the Master Builder. It is one of my favorite numbers, but the 22 energy gets a hard rap because it is a number of lessons and growth through challenge.

The Master Builder will bring the dreams, even the biggest ones that you have no idea how they can come to fruition, to reality. That energy can literally create. All of the things you want to reach for that you have been putting off because you need to be further in your business, or the goal seems too lofty- those are the dreams you need to be going after because you have the 22 Master Builder energy behind you.

What are the dreams you are going after this year?