Mind Your Mind- the Conscious AND Unconscious

As you grow in your magical practices, so grow your intentions, thoughts, actions, and deeds.

Be careful about what you are casting in your thoughts, feelings, actions, deeds. You are probably doing it more often than you realize.

I have to be careful about this. It has happened a few times in the last couple of months where something serious has happened to somebody from a fleeting thought that I had. Again, the more powerful you become, it applies everywhere, not just in the things that are the most beneficial to you and others. It is vital that when you are having negative thoughts or when you get frustrated, mind your thoughts. Do not direct ill will to someone unless that is what you truly intend to do.

AND check your unconscious mind.

It is not just your conscious mind that you need to be wary of; it is your unconscious mind. So you need to continue through meditation or whatever other work you’re doing to develop a very strong relationship between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind so that your conscious mind can keep your unconscious mind in check.

What work do you do to mind your mind- both conscious and unconscious?