Mind Your Mind

We- the collective beings on this planet- are controlled through fear. It’s how the powers that be get us to do every single thing that they want us to do- through fear.

When we mind our minds, when we take our minds back from that fucking fear machine that is constantly turning, we get our power and our freedom back. We get to make decisions about whether something is in our highest and best good or not. But we can’t do that if we do not mind our mind or if we are not taking our power back.

I was talking about the constriction that was going to be coming at the beginning of this year for months. Well, it is here. The constriction is here. This is what I have been talking about. This was the tip of the iceberg. The constriction is going to get worse. The state of the global union is going to get worse. We are in turbulent times right now.

You get to make a decision if you’re going to get wrapped up in it and go down in a spiral of fear or if you are going to empower yourself, and take your power back from that fear factory. You get to decide if you are going to be in the moment and in the now, constantly reaching for your infinite potential.

It’s going to require a lot of self-discipline, self-accountability, and self-responsibility.

Especially during this time of constriction, ask yourself:
Are your thoughts, feelings, and emotions serving your highest and best good?
If you are getting wrapped up in the state of the global union, is that helping you move forward in life?

Or is it fucking hindering you? Are you actually contributing to keeping millions of people staying slaves inside the fear factory?