Money and Spirituality- Not on the Same Pole!


Be prepared…RANT AHEAD.

Every few months I get a wild hair up my ass to tell the spiritual peoples to come down off their fucking crosses and get over their martyrdom complexes. I’m so over the need to be poor and struggle because being IN the struggle equals being highly spiritual.

UGH. What a bunch of BULLSHIT.

‘To be truly spiritual, we can’t make any money.
We can’t be “real” healers unless we’re donating our services.
We can’t actually make money for using the spiritual, healing or psychic gifts we’ve been given.’

As a collective we somehow believe that to live and be in PURPOSE we simultaneously have to live in POVERTY.

We BELIEVE that the more you struggle, the more spiritual you are.

These beliefs are what keep us STUCK, UNENLIGHTENED and definitely UNWOKE.

The more trauma you’ve been through and the more you’ve overcome, the more spiritual you are. Which then perpetuates the need to have more trauma so you can wear that trauma on your sleeve like a fucking badge of honor to show the world how enlightened you are.

And we wonder why we can’t seem to get out of the struggle.

Or make any money.

This is not about not validating people that have experienced trauma or that have risen above trauma.

I have experienced trauma. I have processed it and cleared it and worked through it and overcome it.

It’s amazing. They are amazing. I am amazing.

But let’s fucking get ON with it and move on to the next level of existing.

A word to the majority of the spiritual space:

Honest to God/DESS, the only reason you’re not making any fucking money is because you have this deeply ingrained belief that in order to be fully in your purpose that you have to also be in poverty.

This is like saying an apple is a fucking orange.

Purpose and poverty aren’t even on the same pole.

Money and spirituality aren’t on the same fucking pole…being rich and being poor are on the same pole; they’re polar opposites.

But HEAR THIS NOW…there is NO polarity between purpose and poverty!

So why do we keep trying to make this a thing?!

What would happen if you were to start using your logical mind and recognized that being spiritual and being poor are NOT on the same pole? Because they don’t actually have jack-shit ANYTHING to do with one another.

I can be the most spiritual of all the spiritual beings AND the richest. I can also be spiritual and poor, but those two things don’t equal each other.

So, if you want to be spiritual as fuck and also want to be rich as fuck…YOU GET TO.

Did you need permission? I just gave it to you. Now go make all the spiritual monies.

Now, do many of us have our spiritual awakenings as the result of the struggles in our lives? Absolutely. We all have garbage, baggage, trauma that we’re carrying with us. But it’s not necessary to carry it around to show people how spiritual you are.

Most of us that are in the spiritual space have stopped buying into traditional religious beliefs, but we are still buying into having to prove the struggle to be spiritual.


I give no fucks what the collective consciousness believes either. I hereby proclaim that I am no longer part of that collective. Especially if they are going to keep holding on to antiquated, limiting beliefs that create poverty. GROSS.

I can see that shit a mile away because there was a time that I did believe that if I was truly a gifted healer, I wouldn’t be charging for my services. NO LONGER MY FRIEND.

I know that this belief is doing you a disservice. I know it is holding you back.

I’ve cleared this ridiculousness, and no one can shame me back into this belief system EVER AGAIN.

I’m perfectly fine with being:

spiritual and superficial

magical and materialistic

a healer and hot AF

I’m okay with all of those things. You too can be okay with all of those things. You just need to use your logical fucking brain to decide that an apple is NOT A FUCKING ORANGE!

Limiting beliefs are a motherfucker.

For that matter, the collective consciousness is a motherfucker; the collective consciousness around this belief is what makes you fucking believe it in the first place. It’s what makes it so hard to change your mindset. There’s so much superstition around charging for your spiritual services, and that something bad is going to happen to you if you make money using your spiritual gifts. And because of that superstition, people will try to hold you down to keep you from acting outside of these rules to “save” you.

Or…could it be that they are more than a little bit jealous that you are breaking away and thinking for yourself??

I grew up in an environment like this and I had to get REALLY, REALLY sick of my situation to break out of it. It’s continual mindset work because it’s really easy to get talked back into it; if there are enough people around you telling you that an orange is an apple, you start to believe that all these people can’t possibly be wrong. You start to think that YOU are wrong.

Here’s what I know to be true: if you can dream something, it’s because you’re meant to achieve it. If you can envision something, it’s because you’re meant to have it. Desiring money, desiring wealth, desiring to have unlimited resources means that you’re supposed to have it!

PERIOD. It’s your level of belief that holds you back or propels you forward.

We have a choice about whether we stay stuck in the limiting beliefs and stuck in our money stories or if we’re going to shift the fuck out of those things and create a new destiny for ourselves and actually choose to create the life we deeply desire.

You get to decide that you’re worthy of it and you get to decide to GO GET IT!

PS – If you are tired of your money story and you are tired of your programming and you are ready to shift, think for yourself and call a fucking apple an apple…

Join me in Mastering Your Spiritual Money Game.