Musings of the Wealth Witch

Bring ALL OF YOU to everything you do.

There is no such thing as too much.

If they can’t handle it, they aren’t your people.

If everybody likes you, you are boring.

You are never going to get it ALL right, so go for it.

If you make a mistake own it and move the fuck on.

The only true failure is quitting.

Be motherfucking authentic.

Stop whining.

Your story about why it’s not working is bullshit.

Change your mind.

Change it back.

Be kind for fucks sake.

But don’t be a doormat.

Get some boundaries.

Stick to them.

Then change them.

Constantly evolve, grow and seek knowledge.

Change the lense from time to time, looking through the same one forever is boring.

Make new friends.

Get a fresh perspective.

Show up for the hard stuff.

Realize true wealth has nothing to do with money.

Make fuck tons of it anyway. Life is way easier WITH it.

Don’t ever feel bad about your success…if you earned it.

Find YOUR freedom.

Live life to the fullest.

And for all that is holy…stop fucking playing small.