After nursing my last son 3 ½ years (that’s a whole other blog…I have NO IDEA how that even happened), losing a business, 3 million dollars, ending up a million dollars in debt, and then starting a new business, my body crashed.

Sudden 35lb weight gain.

Complete adrenal fatigue.

Complex Tyroid disease diagnosis.

Frozen shoulder. Then TWO frozen shoulders.

I was exhausted, stressed, and worried ALL THE TIME. But mostly I was just fucking annoyed. None of my old ways of shedding pounds worked. I felt like my body was completely betraying me.

I tried basically everything. Nothing worked.

Nothing worked because I was just getting MORE stressed. The body betrayal led to more stress, which led to more negative health conditions. I grew SUPER resentful. And while I was preaching how important it is to love your body, I was hating mine just about every single second of every single day.

Now don’t get me wrong. My Love Alchemy work…it WORKS. And I was using it on superficial things like my crooked upper lip and my ear that is like ½ an inch higher. But I wasn’t doing the deep-down body work, what was really required to heal, because I just felt TOO BETRAYED.

And I was pissed off. And I’m stubborn as fuck.

Finally, one day while I was at Physical Therapy and in pain and finally had a FUUUUUUUUCK THIS SHIT moment. I was like “I’m sick of this shit, I’m not coming back her and my shoulders are going to heal! That’s it!” And I went home and journaled about 10 pages on how I was done with my shoulder’s hurting and how I was going to be pain free and have full motion back. And I KEPT journaling about it.

And I didn’t go back. And about two weeks later I woke up pain free. Motion returned over the next few weeks and I almost have all of it back now.

ALL BECAUSE I DECIDED. And I did the work to call it in.

Creation Journaling is THE MOST POWERFUL manifestation tool you have.

And it’s ridiculously easy to learn. It just takes commitment and practice.

Well that and a healthy dose of decision and visioning!

I have created so much in my amazing life with Creation Journaling. I talk a lot about the money and the travel and the business things I have created, but I don’t talk a lot about the health benefits.

Today I had another one of those FUUUUUUUUCK THIS SHIT moments around my weight and sugar addiction.

I’m DONE. I’m ready to move past this.

So, I broke out my journal and surrendered it to the pen.

Today, this afternoon…NO sugar cravings for the first time in WEEKS. This shit WORKS.

This is a process. I’ll be journaling about this daily in lots of different ways. And I’ll be adding in my other little secret as well…the Quantum Realm/Creation Journaling Connection.

This is all about to shift. In fact, it already has. The fit, toned version of me already exists in the infinite now and she is on her way to me as I type this. The weight is leaving me, my body is healing itself. Right now. In this moment.

So, what is it time for you to just DECIDE?

What problem are you ready to surrender to the pen?

What reality already exists for you in the infinite now that you are ready to call in to your current physical reality?

If you have worked with me before, you know I’m always doing the work RIGHT ALONGSIDE my clients. The containers are so much more powerful that way. I’m taking a creation and manifestation journey with my body over the next three months. I’ll be sharing my progress all along the way and my EXACT journal prompts and journal entries with in THE BOSS WITCH CREATION JOURNALING COURSE.

What is the thing you deeply desire? What are you ready to call in?

You can create ANY REALITY. If you can conceive it you can achieve it.

Your desires are of the divine. It’s time to make them a REALITY!


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Do the thing.

Click the link.

Or wait…it’s no big deal…it’s just the life of your DREAMS that’s waiting!

What’s it going to be?…/