Nobody is Talking About This

My online experience is one giant eye roll these days. Followed by a deep sigh.

One of this things on my mind today is that black girls in the US are going missing in record numbers. They are easier targets for sex traffickers because their cases are reported less frequently, are made less of a priority with law enforcement and typically their families have less resources to look for them.

Nobody is really talking about it.

But I see MULTIPLE black, white and multi-racial women with significant platforms lashing out at Kim Kardashian for cultural appropriation.


100,000+ missing black girls…or Kim Kardashian’s spray tan?

Kim Kardashian…who is using HER platform to free BLACK men and women from prison. Who is helping BLACK men and women find housing and jobs once released from prison. Who is working hard to ACTUALLY create prison reform and counteract institutional racism. And she not just TALKING about it. She’s DOING it.

So get the fuck on with your engagement seeking cultural appropriation posts. Are you just talking or are you actually creating change?

“The FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database lists 424,066 missing children under 18 in 2018, the most recent year for which data is available. About 37 percent of those children are black, even though black children only make up about 14 percent of all children in the United States.”

How about we focus on the missing black girls that are being abducted and sold into the sex trade in EVERYTOWN, AMERICA?

In 2020 I choose to be responsible with my platform. Educate about things that matter. Take a stand. Support causes that create impact.