Nobody Really Has All Their Money Shit Figured Out


Guess what…nobody really does.

Wealth Consciousness work is forever.

There’s a reason for the saying “Mo money, Mo problems.”

Every time you love the decimal point over or double or triple your income new shit comes up. The good news is that if you do the work to build a solid foundation, it gets easier and more comfortable to move through it.

I’m still working through my latest decimal point move. This one was intense. Another round of imposter syndrome. Battling the fear doubt monster. Growing pains and poorly timed investments. Same story, different dollar amount at some level.


But I’m no longer afraid to tell you about it. I’m no longer afraid to be transparent about the obstacles I face or the things I overcome because they are how I learned. They are how I continue to learn. And most importantly, every obstacle I overcome, and every challenge I face are lessons I can hopefully help you move through or avoid altogether.

I say “hopefully” because if you are my ideal client, you are most likely just as stubborn as I am and are going to have to learn a lot of shit the hard way.

I’m still devouring wealth consciousness material like it’s my full-time job. I love it.

And here’s what I’m leaning into right now…more systems, more structures, more CUSHION. I gave no fucks a year ago about these things. I was just enjoying my massive financial uplevel and spending a bunch of money. And there is NOTHING wrong with that. It was fun. Now I’m getting a little more serious about financial stability and security. And it’s fun too!

But I COULD NOT have even gotten to the consistent 25k+ months I was having last year without deconstructing my programming and clearing my emotional conditioning. I demolished my foundation and built a new one, and my relationship with money got a whole lot easier and enjoyable.

I also COULD NOT have gotten there without hiring a coach. When I met Dane Tomas, my income was all over the place. It was like a fucking roller coaster.

And I was terrified of my clients finding out. Which looking back was just RIDICULOUS because I wasn’t trying to teach anyone how to make a million dollars.

BUT WE ASSOCIATE OUR WORTH WITH OUR FINANCES. And that’s the first fucking problem.

Listen carefully…

Your bank balance does not determine your worth as a coach, a mentor, a guide OR a human being.

Somehow we think to be an expert in anything we have to have money. Wtf is that even about!?!?

I’m so done with these stories. This collective consciousness. This bullshit controlling programming.


I’m shifting the wealth paradigm. I’m deconstructing the programs. I’m neutralizing the conditioning.

The time is now to end the financial slavery of this planet. There is a better way.

So I know you don’t want to sign up for a Wealth Repatterning Program because you are afraid then I will know you don’t have your financial shit together. And all the other people in the program will know. And some of them might be your clients or might be potential clients in the future.

You don’t want people to question your ability because you haven’t stabilized your income. Or to know that you are still dealing with unhealed money, scarcity, and lack trauma.


For real. Shut your ego down and change this patterning. Demolish your rotting foundation and build a new one.

There are truly epic industry leaders in my program Ouroboros. These are the people you see online making moves day in and day out. Many of them are the up and comers who are making big waves after completing Round One of Ouroboros. And they are back for Round Two because it was THAT GOOD.

It created a radical transformation. It had a profound impact.

So are you ready to get off the roller coaster? How would it feel to be able to stabilize? And to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that YOU HAVE GOT THIS.

That you are WORTHY of all you desire and more.

That you are DESERVING.

You are. I already know that. Isn’t it time you did?