Not Everyone is Meant to Rule


I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of people poo-pooing the notion of being a Queen/King, behaving like royalty, claiming your throne, ruling your kingdom, desiring luxury, etc.

I’m sure you aren’t surprised that I have something to say about that.

To rule, one must be a leader. And it is 1000% true that not everyone is meant to lead. In fact, I think globally we have a lot of people leading that should be following. Leadership requires great responsibility, wisdom, and compassion. And for most good leaders, it also requires a desire to LEAD. History is full of stories of leadership gone wrong from someone who does not desire to lead being placed or forced into that position.

So yes, it’s true, not everyone is meant to lead. We do need workers and warriors, nurturers and caretakers and a whole lot of other roles in between. Not everyone is equipped with the ability to hold the vision for the kingdom. Not everyone is meant to rule.

So here is where I get rubbed…most of the people I see naysaying those of us calling on the leaders and rulers to rise up…they ARE meant to lead. They ARE meant to rule.

They are just using this story to continue to play small.

And I think that is bullshit.

When a person who is destined to lead rejects that destiny, they put the whole kingdom at risk. When that person, no matter how sacred they are, doesn’t do every single thing in their power to become equipped to lead their people, they are actually harming them.

Everyone came to this planet with a job to do, with a gift to share that only they have. We are all unique. Some of us came with a message. Some of us came with a charge. Some with us came with a mission. We are the impactors and world changers.

The message and/or mission were given to us, and we were charged with coming here and delivering it. If you have read this far, I’m willing to bet you are like me, you have been charged with creating impact and change on this planet.

Do you take that lightly? You shouldn’t.

Not completely remembering the message yet is not an excuse.
Not knowing the complete mission is not an excuse.
Not knowing WHO the message is meant to be delivered to is not an excuse.

So, are you ready to quit hiding and playing small? Because here is a secret, if you don’t have all of the answers yet if you don’t know what to do next…

You aren’t going to find them or figure it out playing soldier or warrior in someone else’s army.

I know it’s more comfortable there, being told what to do. I know it’s easier to be given direction than to direct. It’s safe following. And it’s the right thing…for some people.

But not for you. You were not charged with following.

And continuing to do that day after day is slowly killing your soul because it’s out of integrity.

Here’s the part we don’t want to talk about…

So many of us that are meant to lead will go out and choose a charismatic, world-changing leader to follow, one whose cause we believe in. We will learn from them and study their beliefs and philosophies. We will give everything to it, sometimes even beginning to share their message as our own. We will bathe and wallow in our martyrdom as we pour our blood sweat and tears into a message that is not ours. We will convince ourselves that we are doing what we are meant to do, that we are fulfilling our charge.

Why do we do that? Because it’s safe.

The messages we are meant to share, the ones that will change the world and impact the planet…they aren’t safe.

They are scary as hell.

It’s why we hide.

Well, the time for hiding is over.

Your excuses are no longer valid. Your words are ringing hollow throughout your kingdom. Your people are waiting, desperately waiting for the message that you are meant to give them, for the gift that you are meant to share with them.


My charge is to light a fire under your ass. To get you redirected, remembering and sharing your gift and message. People are waking up all over this planet, your people, and they are waiting for their leader. Many are floundering and feeling scared and alone without guidance.

Staying in the shadows and playing safe is wildly negligent and now that you know, now that you have been called out, by not stepping into your purpose you are willfully choosing to harm them.

Wow. Okay, there. I said it.

I shared my scary message for the day.

It is time to own your leadership. It is time to rule. It is past time for you to begin sharing YOUR message and YOUR gifts.

You still aren’t sharing all of your message and yours alone. You aren’t facing the hard parts yet.

And most likely…it’s not working.

The reason is that you haven’t FULLY claimed your rightful place upon your throne. You are still feeling unworthy, not deserving…LIKE AN IMPOSTOR. And you are letting those doubts and fears creep into your messaging. How could you not, it has infested your energy like a plague.

So, you make a little money, have a little success, but you can’t quite seem to take it farther than that. Well…let me tell you right now, it’s not because you can’t. YOU CAN.

You have to. It’s your destiny.