NOW is the Time

What do I do?
I’m a wealth alchemist. I practice wealth alchemy. I practice transmutation of current realities into new ones.

I take the fucking shit you have been dealt, that you have been living with your entire life. We transmute all the lies and the fucking programming into gold. That gold is your financial destiny, and it is your birthright to be wealthy. You came here to this planet to thrive. Our species- human beings- are not here to stay struggling. That is not what was intended for us.

We are meant to be successful and be wildly financially abundant in all areas of our life.

We have allowed a small group of people to control us completely. To lock us up in a prison and take the fucking keys. Now is the time to break free of that. Now is the time to get out of that and to take back our financial destinies.

So much gridwork and planetary work has been done that have removed thee foundations the current economic structures were built upon. We have this huge monolith of this global financial system and structure that is sitting on nothing. We have wiped that clean and have put down new ley lines and gridlines. Those structures and systems are going to crumble.

Financial systems and structures are going to collapse. We have never been able to be so poised to be able to take back our financial destinies. I am telling you that you are going to want to begin doing this work now. You do not want to wait until those systems begin to crumble. You do not want to wait until the shit hits the fan, and all of a sudden, there are no fucking banks, and all of your money is gone to start repatterning your wealth story.

You want to have that shit done before because then you will be poised to be financially free.

How will you take back your financial destiny?