Becoming Immortal

Becoming Immortal is a journey of discovery that will leave you with a deep understanding of your constitutional factor. It is your next step in self-mastery.

In addition to learning how to nourish and support the blueprint of your constitutional factor to create balance and wholeness, this journey will be a deep dive into behavioral patterns, alchemical psychology, and the spiritual aspects of your constitutional factor. It is through this understanding that we activate purpose and gain the ability to walk our true path.

In addition to the individual constitutional factor journey you will be taking, you will gain an understanding of all of the 5 elemental spirits to create wholeness in your consciousness.

This program is six months and includes education, group clearing work, and 1:1 sessions and clearing work with both me and Michelle Patrick, a clinically experienced practitioner of Naturopathic Nutrition, Traditional Chinese and Five Element Acupuncture.

What you will get:

🔥Constitutional Factor Diagnosis session with Michelle

🔥Individual Constitutional Factor Clearing Program with me

🔥Monthly 1:1 w/ Michelle

🔥Monthly 1:1 w/ me

🔥Constitutional Nutrition Plan including 2-week removals program and support

🔥Constitutional Herbology and Naturopathy

🔥Deeper understanding of the shen cycle, including elemental mother/child relationships and controlling/destructive cycles

🔥Deep understanding of the internal organs associated with your CF and how to care for and optimize their performance


💧Secret/Magical Content not released ANYWHERE ELSE

💧Expanded Internal Alchemy Education

💧Deconstructing WEALTH (Well & Healthy) programming in the following areas:






THIS PROGRAM WILL REQUIRE DISCIPLINE. Nothing this good is effortless and easy. You will need to be radically self-responsible and accountable and ready to be called on your shit by BOTH Leah & Michelle.

We hope you will join us. Contact me by clicking the button below and let’s see if this program is a fit!