Soul Alchemy: Emergence

Hi love! I’m so excited that Emergence is resonating with you … I have been desiring to do a high-level spiritual business mastermind for about a year and ½ and it’s finally here!

Over the last 2 years or so there’s been a very strong calling in me to share what I’ve learned, in some cases the hard way, in my time in the online space.

But I really have had no desire to do it like anyone else is doing it.

And I knew I didn’t want to just work with anyone.

I don’t simply want to work with women that want to be leaders in the online business world, I truly desire to work with the women, the BADASS SPIRITUAL BOSS BABES, that I KNOW are going to make a difference and CHANGE THE WORLD.

The women that know that they simply HAVE to share their message and step fully into their purpose work. And that KNOW waiting ONE MORE MINUTE to do so would be wildly irresponsible and negligent because there are literally millions of people on this planet waiting to be impacted by it.

So for me, and the women already in this Mastermind, we KNOW that it’s not about strategy and funnels. We KNOW that it’s all about soul alignment and embracing the MAGIC.

And we aren’t willing to play small. Because we know that to impact millions we need to be MAKING millions.

This certainly isn’t for everyone. Because it’s not going to be easy.

Radical transformation requires radical action.

If growth and expansion was easy, everyone would be doing it.

They aren’t.

I’m committed in this Mastermind, to breaking the deep-rooted beliefs around deserving and worthiness and helping my clients release any conditioning around purpose equaling poverty.

This work, in Emeregnce, is for you if you if you are ready to change everything you believe about business. If you are ready to completely OWN your power and step fully into your purpose work.

If, even though you may right now not yet be at the monthly or yearly financial number you desire, you KNOW that you are meant to be there. You probably frequently get annoyed and frustrated that you aren’t there yet.

But maybe you also feel bad about that …

Guilty …

Because of the bullshit conditioning that makes you ask

“who am I to make that kind of money doing this type of work’

That’s the bullshit conditioning I want to help you release it.

Because you ARE worthy. You ARE deserving.

How Emergence works:

* 1:1 (full unlimited 1:1 access to me, just like my Inferno 1:1 clients get, including 1:1 call time + daily audios, messages, conversation between you and me)

* 6 month commitment

* This is a significant and realistic investment of money, time, energy, YOU, so don’t apply if that is not where you’re at

* You’ll also be placed in a closed group with the other Emergence clients where content and trainings will be delivered

* And there will be 2 monthly group coaching calls, which is where the REAL MAGIC happens

* All content fully recorded, and you keep for life

Is this resonating with where you’re at and what you KNOW you need?? If yes:

    After that, if it feels aligned we can talk about the investment!