Personal Year Foundations

This is an eight personal year. It is an abundance year for me. I have the ability to build firm foundations this year that are going to set the stage for the next nine years of my life.

It is about sacrifice for me this year. It is me sacrificing all the things to show up in a place where I get to build these amazing financial foundations for myself and my family.

Depending on what your personal year is, it’s also what you’re being called to focus on this year. If it is a seven year, you need to be working hard in building firm foundations in your spiritual growth and expansion. If you are in a six year, you need to be building a firm foundation for your family relationships and future. It is by your personal number that you determine the foundations you are meant to build this year.

You calculate your personal year number by adding up the numbers of your birthday and the current year. (My birthday is December 1. This year is a four year. So I would add 1+2+1+4=8.)

What foundations are you meant to build this year?