Protection Magic

Light attracts heavier energies and frequencies and vibrations. Heavier energies are attracted to that because they want that. They want to siphon from it, take from it, or exploit it.

Sometimes they want it simply because they are not happy with where they are, and they want to experience that. Sometimes there is a little bit of envy or jealousy.

These things can happen in your conscious mind and unconscious mind, but it can also happen in other people’s energies in their consciousness and unconsciousness. Just because someone is siphoning from you or has a heavier energy and is causing some kind of interference or challenge, it does not necessarily mean that they are doing it intentionally.

It is important to hold that knowledge as you are protecting your energy that you are not moving into this place of fear or distrust. Knowledge is power. If we know that some people do it consciously and some do it unconsciously, then we do not need to be in a state of fear.

We do not need to be like Chicken Little running around like the sky is falling.

But this is why it is really important that you are checking in with your personal energy. When I first started on this path and practicing magic, I was so passionate about personal energy protection for this reason.

Do you practice protection magic? Why or why not?