Quit Half-Assing; It’s Full Ass or No Ass at All!

Growing up, I knew and realized that my 50% effort was the majority of other people’s 100%.

So I got away with half-assing shit most of my life because I was still looked at as above average when I was half-assing.

I will try to justify to myself sometimes that I show up so much more than most of the people online. Well, I am not anyone else. I am me.

And you are you.

How much further would you be if you fucking showed up every day? I would be hitting $100,000 months right now for sure!

But at the same time, when this life is over, and I go to meet my creator, is any excuse going to be acceptable? NO. If I am not operating at my 100%, then I am being negligent and negatively impacting the planet.

I can be a whiny little bitch ass about not wanting to show up, or I can just go fucking do the thing.

Where would you be if you showed up at your 100%?