RIGHT NOW is our opportunity to step up and do better.

Now is our opportunity to step up and do better.

Right. Now.

People who are actively working towards spiritual growth and development have a unique opportunity right now completely to shift the paradigm. The existing paradigm on so many levels has just been blown up.

If someone told us what has been happening in the world six months ago, we wouldn’t have believed them!

It is important to keep in mind that we have a choice through all of this. We can choose to buy into the collective struggle, wallow in the fear fuckery and buy into all the propaganda. Our need as a human race to bond through struggle is unlike anything I have experienced before.

Or we can choose to step up and decide that bonding through the struggle is not going to be our story.

That is not going to be the legacy that we leave as human beings.

What would it look like to bond through THRIVING?