Risk Taking and Limitations

I am a risk-taker. Does that mean it is easier for me to take risks? Yes.

Does that mean you have an excuse not to do it? Nope.

The more I cultivate my relationship with my own divinity, and with the divine, the more I am aware of and know my limitless potential. It makes it easier for me to face the fear and show up and do the thing anyway.

I know through the cultivation of my relationship with the divine and my own divinity that there is nothing that I cannot handle. I know that I am always protected, always guided, and everything is always working out in my favor.

I did not always know that, but I took risks anyway. Through that cultivation of my relationship with the divine and my own divinity, I realized and recognized that life is limitless.

Of course, I have my own limitations. I cannot levitate, teleport, or walk on water. I am reverse aging, but not to the extent that I would like to. I have not lost all the weight I would like to lose, which I know to be a self-imposed limitation.

I have tons of self-imposed limitations. But I also know it is about identifying them, cracking the code, and demolishing them one by one.

How will your life change when you annihilate your limitations?