Self-Mastery and Feeding the Immortal Soul

In the mastery of self, what are we mastering?

We are mastering the elements because we are made up of all the elements.

It is why people can firewalk. If you can firewalk, you can walk on water. Each person has an elemental constitutional factor, which is your weakest link and your greatest superpower. I am a metal constitutional factor.

You have to understand that your greatest gift and how to be balanced in that constitutional factor. One of the codes of mastery of immortality is understanding your constitutional factor and becoming balanced in it.

The beautiful thing about understanding your constitutional factor is that I can literally now look at every single symptom I have and trace it back to being out of balance in my constitutional factor. This is part of the road to self-mastery.

I am here for self-mastery. I want to know and understand all the things. That is part of my Human Design profile as well- it is my 1 line.

I am a metal constitutional factor, and one of the prominent traits of a metal is seeking; I am constantly seeking. I wish there were a way to insert an IV of knowledge into my body.

If you look at me from five years ago, I look significantly younger now. It is because I am living a purpose-driven and purpose-led life.

I am feeding my immortal soul.

How are you feeding your immortal soul?