September Wealth Forecast

In December 2019, I did an overall wealth forecast for the year. Here is what we have coming up in September!

The Moon card is the card of the feminine, and it is also the card of secrets coming to light at the beginning of September. Mid-month, we have The Star card, reversed. This card is always an indicator that you need to get a lot more connected to the divine because the heavens are always working for you. So if you are having a pity party and you feel like the heavens are not working for you, that is your ego talking. You need to connect with the divine so you can see how they are actually working for you.

At the end of the month, we have the King of Cups, reversed. It could indicate men in your life being upside down. What we may be seeing is the start of the collapse of the very masculine nature of financial structures and the patriarchy. We may also see secrets coming to light about our leaders. It could also be infidelity coming to light or that you are learning things about your own inner masculine that is making you feel upside down.

September is definitely going to be a month to look at the masculine. It can also indicate a month where the feminine needs to step up and support the masculine.