Set Yourself Up to do Your Purpose Work

When I first started this business, I owned two companies and was coaching and teaching classes on the side.

It is totally okay to have a full-time job on top of your purpose work. There is no right or wrong. Anyone who is trying to tell you that there is a right or wrong, run away from them.

You will hear me say that as long as you have a Plan B, your Plan A is not going to work. I do believe that. Plan A is that you are going to be wildly financially abundant doing your purpose work.

Getting a part-time job is not deciding that you’re not going to be wildly financially abundant doing your purpose work.

Getting a job is taking care of your safety, stability, and security. It is making sure you can work towards manifesting your Plan A. When you are panicked or trapped in that place of fear around money, it is fucking damn near impossible to manifest.

There are some of us who manifest well under stress and duress. We have learned how to use that negative energy to manifest. You do not want to get into that. That is the thing I have to work the hardest at because it used to be that I could only manifest under stress and duress. That anxiety and fear work well for me when it comes to manifestation.

I refuse to fail, so I can make things happen at the 13th hour, but that is not a place that you want to get to. Trust me.

So getting a job can move you into a whole other level of discipline around doing your purpose work and making sure that you are making time for it and that you are setting yourself up appropriately.

Where are you regarding your purpose work? How are you setting yourself up to put that work out into the world?