Some REGULAR Shit About Me…

Yeah I’m a witch who speaks galactic language, lays new planetary grid lines, activates abundance and wealth codes, sees dead people and channels Mary Magdalene…

But here is some totally REGULAR shit about me you may not know:

I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan was and raised in Southern Idaho and Utah.

I am black, white, and two types of Indian.

My Dad died this year.

I nursed my youngest son Jack until he was 3 & 1/2. He’s 5 now and he still sleeps with me every night.

I kept telling my middle son Josiah (who is 13) that he had to do what I said because I gave birth to him and made him and now he calls me ‘Birth Giver’.

I went out on my 1st date with my husband Sean P. Barnett 24 years ago. I was 19, he was 27. We have been great friends ever since but we will only be married 9 years in December.

We eloped on my birthday December 1st.

My favorite movie is Rocky and I love boxing and MMA.

I love scary/bloody/horror films and I’m a huge fan of Quinten Tarantino.

My favorite flowers are Orchids and Lilys. I used to hate roses but Mary Magdalene is obviously influencing me and I’m starting to change my mind.

I have really low blood pressure. It always alarms doctors. This might not be regular at all actually. I’m pretty sure it’s proof of my alien origins.

I used to be a party promoter in New York City.

I have packed up everything I owned and moved across the country…twice. Once to NYC and once to LA. Then a year and a half ago I did the same thing with my family and moved to Bali. See sun sign below for explanation.

I’m a Sagittarius Sun, Aries Moon and Virgo Rising.

My husband and my rising signs are at the exact same degree of Virgo. And our son together, Jack’s Moon is Also at the same degree of Virgo. My Astrologer (who has been doing Astrology full time for 38 years) said she has NEVER seen that before. Ever. Okay that is woo as fuck…but compared to my actual woo stuff that feels regular.🤷🏽‍♀️

I am obsessed with jewelry. But only if it’s made by my bestie Kym Harland Wheeler.

I love gin. Okay…everyone already knows this. So what.

I’m obsessed with The Kardashians. It’s the only reality TV I watch.

I didn’t watch Lost. I couldn’t ever get into it. I couldn’t care less wtf happened on that island.

My favorite TV show of all time is a tie. Twin Peaks and Knots Landing. No. I’m not kidding.

I’ve always loved a good villan and I love the bad girls/bad boys. I totally rooted for Kelly to hook up with Dylan (RIP) and I was way more into Rizzo than Sandy…well until the end in those badass leather pants.

I’ve never been to Hawaii.

My favorite color is purple.

Well…that’s me. I feel like all the magical people in my world should share their regular things as well. Who knows…tomorrow I might just do the supernatural version of this list to create balance.

Edited: omg! I can’t believe I almost forgot this one…my right ear is significantly higher on my head and it makes my sunglasses lopsided.