Sometimes We Have to Just Show Up When We Don’t Want To

I am a total introvert.

In my home life, I am a total homebody. I have very few close friends. I do not go out much.

I am married to this very boisterous man who is a total extrovert. Part of why I married him is because when I go places with him, I literally do not have to talk. I can sit in the background and be the wallflower.

What you see online is absolutely something I have cultivated. It feels very safe because it is through this virtual screen. It is all about sharing yourself authentically. It is just about sharing the message.

When I get into these states of not wanting to share and not wanting to be out there, that is when I always have to go back to the message and the work I am meant to do here in the world.

It does not matter if I feel like doing it or not. It does not matter if I am comfortable or not. When my life is over, and I meet the divine, I do not want to be saying, “well, I didn’t really feel like it. It was uncomfortable for me” to the divine.

That is not an okay reason for me not to have done my divine mission work on this planet. Sometimes, we just have to show up when we do not want to.

Where are you making an excuse not to do your divine mission work? Is that acceptable to you?