Sovereign Magic

Sovereign magic is trusting my connection enough with the divine that when the divine directs me to do something and it is repetitive, consistent, and almost a nagging, I know it is the direction I need to go next.

The more powerful you become in your magical practices, the more powerful you become in your life when it comes to personal successes. The more advanced you become in your spiritual growth and enlightenment, the brighter your light shines; the more power, the more frequency, the more vibration, the more radiance you emit out into the multiverse.

As you move along your trajectory, if that trajectory includes you growing in your spiritual awareness, enlightenment, power, and success, with each of those steps of growth comes an increase in your personal light/vibration/frequency being able to be felt out into the multiverse. Bright lights attract things that are soul-aligned for you, like clients, friendships, romantic partnerships. They will draw in the things that are in your highest and best good, but then they will also attract things that are not necessarily in your highest and best good.

What are you doing to mind your mind and call in only that which is in your highest and best good?