Stay in the Deep and Narrow of Your Purpose Work

Mission work expands and grows.

So it is so important to get clear on what you are meant to do here because what you are meant to do here is not what anyone else is meant to do here.

It is so amazing to have people inspire us and to work with mentors that inspire us. It is even amazing to take inspiration from others’ work, add it to our body of work, and then allow it to morph into something that is uniquely ours.

To find our own voice inside a body of work is fantastic.

The Spiral practitioners who are great practitioners are great because they have taken an incredible body of work and made it their own. They put their own essence into it.

I just want us all to live divinely-led, and have clarity on our divine mission work, and go out and do it without being distracted by things we think will make us money but are not our purpose work.

What are you here on this planet to do that no one else can do?