Take Risks!

I desire to know how far I can take self-mastery of my physical vessel and my being. I am interested in how I can achieve the highest level of humanity- becoming supernatural- AND achieving the highest level of divinity.

That is my personal mission in life- how far I can take those two things.

I believe that the crutch we all lean upon in all this is our limitations. We are programmed and conditioned from the time we take our first breath on this planet to limit ourselves and to accept limitations that are placed upon us by others.

On the one hand, it is all we have known. On the other hand, it is continually shown to us that we are placing limitations upon ourselves.

No matter how much the global elite try to control us, how much they reinforce the programming in our lives, they can never be more powerful than our divine birthright.

Our divine birthright is to be wealthy in all areas of our life. We are here on this planet to experience heaven on earth. No matter what is done to oppress you, your own divinity will always prevail. Because of that, the divine is continually going to show you that there are no limitations.

The only limitations you have are those you have placed on yourself. You can achieve supernatural feats. You can walk with the divine on this planet.

As human beings, we are afraid of the unknown. Limitations are safe. The truth is most human beings do not fucking have courage. They are so used to living in the struggle that it has become easy to struggle. The thought of actually achieving your full potential is uncomfortable and scary.

It makes me so angry that as a species, we have gotten to the place where we will not take risks because we are afraid of failing. That makes me sick.

What self-imposed limitations are you allowing to get in your way? Identify them and then GO FUCKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM.