The American “Dream” is Anything But…

The people who control the messages going out to the populace get a benefit of money, power, and wealth. ⁣

As a global collective, we know this is happening on some level. It is happening more severely in certain areas of the planet than others. For example, there is not as much programming that needs to occur in areas of extreme poverty to keep the populace under control; their poverty does that.⁣

In the United States, for instance, there is a caste system in which there has been enough programming put in so that we do not see that caste system. We are told that anybody can live the “American Dream” and that we can be anything we desire to be. Even the phrase “The American Dream” was created to get people to opt into the system. ⁣

America touts itself as a superpower. When we talk about superpower, we are talking about perceived financial resources and leverage. The parties in power have the control to decide who gets to be part of the 1%, including the types of business and enterprises make their way into those upper percentages. If you were an American child, you were probably told you could be anything you wanted to be. How many people do you ACTUALLY know that elevated above and beyond their circumstances? It is certainly a common theme in children’s entertainment!⁣

But regardless of whatever was transmitted to you verbally by your family, your environment and the caste system actually prevents you from doing just that. ⁣

Where have you felt like you did not measure up in some way that you can now attribute to programming?