The Art of Detachment

Whenever a limiting belief around money shows up, I commit to working through it. It is a priority. I do not put it on the back burner.

There is a piece of me right now that feels really plateaued. I have continued to just go on about life and business as usual without pushing myself to the place where I am feeling discomfort.

Ultimately, you get to a point where you kick your own ass and look at what needs to be looked at.

Every month I set a goal of a minimum amount I want to bring in, what I am shooting for, and my stretch amount. This year, I committed that my business was going to do $2 million.

I do not have to worry about the how.

I just know that I have committed this amount and that is what my business is going to do this year. So I am targeting $100,000 months right now, but I do not show up to get that money.

I show up living divinely-led and delivering my divine mission work and my purpose work.

And I know in doing that every single day I am going to meet my goals.

My yearly goal has nothing to do with my monthly goal. None of it matches up. None of it makes sense logically because it is all to do with my connection to the divine.

It is all me leaning fully in on belief that the divine has got me, and that I get to have the money I desire simply because I desire it. Period.

How would your life shift if you committed to doing the work, trusting the divine, and detaching from the outcome?