The Energy of 2020

It is not the energy of 2020 that is going to make you successful.

It is YOUR energy that is going to make you successful.

Who you show up as vibrationally and energetically in 2020 is what is going to make you successful.

2020 is about relationships and God energy, the relationship energy being embedded in the twos, and the God force energy of the double zeros. It is a four as well, so it is going to be about hard work, being disciplined, and showing up.

It is especially going to be about showing up when we do not want to.

If you are someone who lives by the old rule of not showing up when you do not feel like it, you are going to be screwed this year. At least for the first part of this year, you are never going to feel like doing it.

The energy of the year requires hard work. This is the year to show up and work, nose to the grindstone. We are building foundations for the complete 9-year cycle.

How are you committing to showing up this year?