The Gift of Imposter Syndrome

I am The Wealth Witch.

And financial shit is so messy for me. There is so much messy financial shit in my life.

It is my cross to bear. It will forever be my work. My financial problems are not the same ones from a year ago or two or three years ago.

But financial struggle is giving me the experience I need to guide people through. The divine gives me all of these challenges so that I can go out and help others.

You cannot actually be an imposter if you have imposter syndrome. The fact that you have imposter syndrome means you are not an imposter. This is a gift.

As I grow, expand, and reach new heights, I face new challenges.

As I overcome those, I can teach those who come behind me. Then at the next level, I experience more challenges and hurdles.

Why do I experience them? Because the majority of the people coming after me are going to experience them too.

So, that offer that you are holding off on launching because you do not feel you have it together enough to offer it? OFFER IT.

The world needs you.

Where are you playing small right now? What would the effect be if you just did the thing?