The Importance of Clarity

Truth be told, you have to be in your masculine, and you have to be DOING in order to make money. It is necessary to be in action, to be in your masculine to have a sustainable business and financial flow. Ideally, it would be a balance of all four of those: the light/dark feminine, and the light/dark masculine.

It is in states of being where we find flow, and we find the inspiration. But once the flow state happens, we then have to take inspired action.

If you lack clarity anywhere, that means you are not energetically backing yourself. When I am not energetically backing myself on an offer I have presented to the world, it is because I either am not clear enough or not expressing myself clearly enough, so it is not landing.

Usually, what I find is I think I am clear, but I am actually not. It is a sign to hone in and get more and more clarity on the offer or who the offer is for.

Where would it serve you to get more clarity in your life?