The Importance of Discipline in Your Personal Practices

I do not think the world fully understands the importance of being disciplined in the personal practices that keep them grounded and centered. I remember a time in my life where I would stop journaling for a week, and my whole life would fall apart. Meditation and journaling are ABSOLUTELY non-negotiables because of my desire for a strong connection to Source and the ability to keep myself grounded. ⁣

The other part of my routine is my physical body care. Often in so many areas, we are out of integrity with ourselves. We break commitments to ourselves and settle in certain areas of our lives. We do not need to be settling. THAT TAKES UP BANDWIDTH. That takes up space for you to get creative or for creative ideas to come in or for you to see other options. ⁣
If you feel trapped in your life, I encourage you to start looking at those things and cleaning up those things as much as possible. What happens as a result is you have more bandwidth, and you are able to see things in a way you haven’t been able to see them before. ⁣


We each have the ability to design the life we desire to live. If you are in a place where there’s something not working for you in your life, I encourage you to dream big.⁣

When you get clarity on what you truly want and desire and fully energetically back yourself, the Universe will begin to show up in miraculous- albeit sometimes destructive- ways to help you make those dreams come true.⁣

What is your dream life? What is the life you deeply desire to live? Make THAT your North Star and begin to go after that!