The KEY to Wealth Alchemy

Your safety, stability, and security number is vital for wealth alchemy. If you take nothing away from any of the content I ever deliver, determine this number for yourself. Identify your safety, stability, and security number and do WHATEVER it takes to get that number.

When your parasympathetic nervous system can be calm and stop being traumatized about money, miracles happen. The Universe can then begin to show up and give you miracles.

Here are two simple steps to figuring out your number:

Get into a semi-meditative state and take a few deep breaths.

Ask yourself: what is the number that I need to be making after taxes to feel safe, stable, and secure? It is the number that comes immediately.

You might be surprised. It might be lower than you were expecting, or it might be significantly higher than you thought.

When you get to that safety, stability, and security number, everything is so much easier. You can create so much more easily because you are creating from a place of calmness. This is your number one goal.

From this moment forward, your job is to get to that safe, stable, secure number by any means necessary. Once you are there, everything else can fall into place.

When we have our safety stability and security number, we are able to look at where we are undervaluing ourselves.

If your safety/stability/security number is so much more than what you are charging people, that is something to look at.

Are you charging enough?

Are you valuing yourself and your services?

You will get so many downloads and information once you come to the conclusion of what your number is and then once you begin to execute to get there.

Were you surprised at your safety/stability/security number?