The More Powerful You Are, the Greater the Responsibility

As we become more powerful, we carry more responsibility to make sure we are not doing unintentional harm in the world. It is crucial to mind our own energy and our unconscious and conscious mind.

The other thing is that if something happens as a result of you NOT minding your mind, do not beat yourself up about it. Just recognize and realize how powerful you are and get that shit in check!

Sovereign magic is about responsibility. It is about taking responsibility for ourselves- our craft, our energy, and our progress. If we decide to continue upon these paths, we continue to take on greater responsibility as a result. So we need to be doing our own personal work to protect ourselves and also to protect others from ourselves.

Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more pleasant life will be because you will be aware of those things.

Self-accountability and self-responsibility around your own energy are huge. I have a lot of protective energy on me through the jewelry I wear. Apophyllite, a crystal that helps connect me to higher realms and my higher self, and raw black tourmaline, which protects from and transmutes negative energy, go with me everywhere. They are powerful stones. They keep me protected, while also keeping me connected to the highest and best version of myself.

How do you take charge of your own energy?