The Programming of the Body

I do not believe that Jesus walked on water because he was the son of God.

Jesus walked on water because he spent years of his life dedicated to self-mastery. He reached a level of self-mastery in his physical form that very few people on this planet reach, but everyone on this planet can reach. What I am interested in right now is how far we can push the human and physical vessel. How far towards immortality can we push? Not just from a place of living longer.

From a place of THRIVING.

From an observer’s perspective, I am watching my body try to hold on to the reality that it currently knows. My physical vessel is trying to hold onto its current belief/conditioning/programming of what humanity is.

As a result of that, I have been so uncomfortable. Since committing to the program of nutrition and all the things that I know are going to shift the physical cells and physical body longevity.

This is not about finding a quick fix or a magic pill. None of the work I do is.

I am deconstructing the programming that exists in the cells of my body that it cannot be immortal, that it needs Western medications or drugs to survive and thrive, and that it needs sugar to survive. Sugar is harder to get off of than crack-cocaine.

Our bodies have been programmed to think they need more than what they already have. We are made up of all the elements. When we are out of balance, we need to do things to shift back into balance.

When the elements are in balance, we exist in immortality.

Where are you able to identify programming when it comes to your own body?