The Queen of Expectations

I used to be the Queen of Expectations.

Pre-Spiral me was that person. I had such high expectations of everything and everyone.

But mostly, I had high expectations of myself- impossible expectations that I could never reach.

I had expectations of how my friends were supposed to act and behave, and I expected them to show up the way that I showed up. I had this constant measurement of how good a friend I could be so I could hold other people to those same expectations.

I had impossible expectations of what it meant to be a good husband, father, mother, and the expectations that were the worst were the ones I held myself to.

My perfectionistic tendencies led me to want to be perfect at EVERYTHING.

But my expectations were not even real things. It was conditioning and programming. As a result, I was always disappointed, hurt, and pissed off because people were not living up to my expectations. It was miserable.

Being constantly let down because someone is not living up to your expectations or you are not living up to your own expectations is one of the most miserable realities I have experienced.

We are here to create a heaven on earth experience on this planet, in this dimension, in this timeline.

We make it so hard for ourselves.

We will judge ourselves, create impossible expectations, and do the same to others.

It just does not serve to create heaven on earth.

Where are you holding yourself to expectations that do not serve you? How can you shift that?