The Sun, reversed

Wealth Forecast- Saturday and Sunday: The Sun, reversed.

This card is a call to focus on our kids over the weekend. When the card shows up in reverse, it often indicates there is something wrong with kids or that something is “upside down” with the kids and that we need to be focusing more on them.

Kids are being affected hugely by the astrological influences that are happening. So if you feel like they are bouncing off the wall or acting crazy, they are. This because they are much more sensitive to planetary things than we are.

This weekend, give them the love that they need, the attention they are asking for, and be understanding.

Those of you who do not have kids who are completely irritated at other people’s kids, cut them some slack. Spend time loving any children in your life- nieces, nephews and/or cousins.

The other thing you can do is energetically send love to the children in the collective. Spend some time being of service, even if it is just energetically, to support and love the children of this planet. They are our next generation.

The foundations we are building right now are going to have a ripple effect on the next generation. Whether you have children or not, we have a responsibility to tear down this corrupt financial slavery system that exists globally here. We have a responsibility to show up for future generations even if we are not physically birthing those generations.

How are you going to attend to the children in your life this weekend?