The TRUE Entrepreneurial Spirit

If you have the true spirit of an entrepreneur, you do not care if shit fails. In fact, you will want to get yourself out there and fail as quickly as you can because if it fails, you want to be on to the next thing. If you have a true entrepreneurial spirit, you are going to fail more than you succeed.

The same is true of reaching your full human and divine potential. You are going to fail more than you succeed. It requires being out on the battlefield, getting bloody daily.

The truth is that the majority of humans are too fucking scared even to attempt it.

The thought of having to be out there being beaten down and bloody is too much. People would rather stay in their small little box and be controlled, be programmed, be told what to do, and be slaves because it is fucking easier.

You are scared. So many of you cannot even see it because you are not willing to risk opening your eyes. If you open your eyes, you are going to be fucking blinded by the light. But guess what? After that, you are going to be able to see.

Whatever excuses you are making right now, THEY ARE EXCUSES. That is all they are.

The limitations you perceive keep you from doing the things you say you want to do are limitations that are created by YOU.

YOU are the one who is creating limitations.

You are ultimately the one who is creating the oppression.

You are the one who is choosing to stay small, not take risks, and not embrace your divine birthright on this planet.

What is your choice? Are you going to extricate yourself from your self-imposed limitations? Or are you going to stay buried and suffocate in your own bullshit?